4-Day School Week

The Acadia Parish School Board conducted a school board meeting yesterday, Thursday, January 26, 2023, whereby final actions were taken regarding implementing a four day work week for students and staff starting next school year.

Please note the following items of importance for your reference:

  • The Board voted to incorporate a four day work week for the school system for two years (2023-2024 and 24-2025).
  • The Board voted to designate Monday as the day off for students and staff.  Mondays will be incorporated as non-instructional or non-work days into draft calendars for the Board's future consideration.
  • Goals for final calendars that incorporate the four day work week continue to be focused on providing quality instruction for students, not extending the work day unreasonably and maintaining traditionally recognized holidays.

As we move forward with more detailed information regarding the transition to the four day work week we will keep you informed via our normal modes of communication.

Thank you for your cooperation.