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Summer volunteer work can build character and leadership

The world’s problems can seem overwhelming. It’s vital for kids to learn that every person can make a difference, and that when people work together, the results are amazing!

Summer volunteering is a great way to teach this lesson to your child—all while building confidence, compassion and leadership skills. 

To get started, talk with your child about:

  • Interests. How do your child’s interests relate to community needs? An animal lover could look for ways to help an animal rescue group. A young entrepreneur could help with a fundraiser. 
  • Skills. Your child’s abilities and strengths can be gifts to others. Your child might hold a bake sale or read to younger children. Sometimes it’s fun to learn new skills, too, such as how to help with landscaping or home repairs.
  • Needs. Perhaps your child has noticed a park that needs some sprucing up. Or maybe local families need clothing or food. Go online with your child and search for upcoming in-person and virtual community service events in your area. You could even ask your child’s teacher if the school needs help over the summer.
  • Schedules. Volunteering takes time, and families are busy! Set realistic goals that leave room for other priorities. Depending on your family’s commitments, you and your child might volunteer just a few hours here and there—or decide to take on one large, exciting project!

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