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Q: My fifth-grade daughter is late for everything. She turns homework in late. She starts projects at the last minute. How can I help her break this self-sabotaging habit?

A: Unfortunately, time management doesn’t come naturally to elementary schoolers. Instead, parents must teach them how to plan ahead. 

Show your daughter how to:

  • Get organized. Encourage her to keep her backpack, room and study area neat. A child who can’t organize her belongings is likely to have trouble organizing her thoughts and actions as well.
  • Prioritize. Help your child list everything she has to do under one of three headings: “Must Do,” “Would Be Nice to Do” and “Can Skip This.” Remind her that items on the must-do list (like homework) have to come first.
  • Make a schedule. After your child sets her priorities, help her figure out when she can actually do those “must-dos.” That’s where a schedule comes in. Some kids can draw up a schedule for the whole week and stick to it. Others need to make a schedule every day to keep on track.
  • Stick to the schedule. This may be the hardest step of all. Few children want to spend a sunny day doing research for an upcoming paper when five of their friends are planning to go on a long afternoon bike ride. Encourage and praise your child for staying on track. And don’t forget to leave some time in the schedule for fun!

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