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Monday, Dec 16, 2019, the Office of Technology Services will be forcing a password reset of all user accounts which have not been updated since December 2, 2019.  This includes all LEA, Charter and Non-public accounts which are associated (potentially in the background) to LDOE active directory usernames and passwords for accessing LDOE data systems or resources.  Users can update their passwords via TAS / PRS.  All district/school data security coordinators and IT staff should be aware that they may have an uptick in calls regarding user passwords not working for accessing LDOE applications and system. If you receive any emails/calls about passwords not working, please direct them to change their password via the Password Reset System – https://password.doe.louisiana.gov. Users can move forward and change their password today ahead of this forced reset but we wanted everyone to be aware.


SER Upgrade  The Special Education Reporting System (SER) upgrade is complete.  This upgrade now requires the use of a new login format and Address link for SER.  We have updated the address link found on the APSB webpage, but it is important that you enter your username as shown below and use your existing password to enter SER:  LDOE\username

SER Password Change

Do not add "LDOE\" to your user ID to CHANGE or RESET your password. 

Louisiana believes that all children, including those with the most significant cognitive disabilities, deserve an education that prepares them to be independent and successful in life. Please speak to your School’s SBLC for more information.

Students who demonstrate high academic and intellectual aptitude or possess extraordinary talent in the visual or performing arts may be eligible for differentiated instruction. Please speak to your School’s SBLC for more information.


Early Childhood Special Education

EARLY CHILDHOOD Special Education Supporting Early Identification and Young Children with Disabilities