LEAP Connect Resources

  • LEAP Connect Assessment Guide (for Grades 3-5Grades 6-8 or High School) is a guide for teachers to understand the test design, levels of complexity, structure, and sample items.

  • ELA Guidebooks 2.0 Diverse Learner Guide contains information about using the ELA Guidebooks with diverse learners.

  • The Louisiana Connectors for Students with Significant Disabilities, which are aligned with Louisiana Student Standards, presents the Louisiana Connectors and represent the most salient grade-level, core academic content in English language arts and mathematics.

  • Essential Elements Cards, which are a primer for differentiating instruction for students with significant disabilities, break down the instructional task into knowledge and skills, suggested instructional strategies, and possible supports and scaffolds for student learning.

  • Case Studies provide models for how teachers and specialists may best modify objectives, assessments, activities, and materials for students with significant cognitive disabilities based on LDOE’s available resources.